COVID-19 has placed new challenges on our company. We want to do everything we can to bring you the quality, handmade, leather goods you have grown to love, however we have some new limitations that include billing, shipping, and production. Pease read our COVID-19 FAQ page to see how we are adapting and how it impacts you.

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What do the ** mean?

If the item you purchased has *asterisks* around it that just means it is an in stock item and will be pulled from the floor and shipped to you instead of waiting 8-10 weeks for your item to be custom made!  You can see all of these items in our *In Stock* Collection!

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How can I shop what you have in stock?

The best way to shop what’s in stock is to come visit our flagship store in Savannah or our new shop in the Savannah Hilton Head International Airport. We also now offer select items from our store in our In Stock Collection on this very website!  Our stock constantly changes and we cannot guarantee that we will have a particular style in a specific color in stock at any given time. If you are looking for a specific style or color, let us know and we can “let you know” what we have in stock at that time, or something similar. However the only way just to peruse everything that is on the floor is to come visit us!

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Help! My hair-on-hide bag is shedding. (What can I do about it?)

Just like you, and anything else with hair, it sheds (except for those 23 hypoallergenic breeds of dog). It’s just the natural part of using something with hair. We have contacted all of our leather companies that we buy our hair on hides from, and we have heard the same answer from all of them: “It’s a natural product, it’s going to shed.” Just like knitwear pilling, thinning and shedding may occur. The parts that get more use will show wear sooner, such as the side that rubs against your hip. Knitwear will cause this to happen sooner than other fabrics. The hairs also might get caught in your knits. This is simply a side effect of carrying a beautiful...

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