Satchel. In your shop!


Thank you so much for your interest in Satchel wholesale!

We are opening up wholesale for the first time in a few years (covid, am I right), and we are using the online wholesale program Faire.  If you are already on Faire you can click the link below to start shopping.  If you are not, you can contact us Here to find out more info!  

We will be offering a smaller selection of bags and leathers so we can get everything to you as quickly as possible!  

If you follow us on social media chances are you’ll see bags and color combos that are not in the line sheet. In our brick and mortar storefront we make custom pieces for our retail clients. These one of a kind pieces are frequently made from limited-edition materials. We simply don’t have the man power or resources to offer these styles and materials on a wholesale scale. There are so many variables that can be easily lost in translation, and we want to be certain that what you’re bringing into your store will do well.

We look forward to working with you!