Why is the bag I just purchased going to take 13-15 weeks?

Why is the bag I just purchased going to take 13-15 weeks?

Abigail Leonard

We are a small team and hand make all of our bags in house. While we do have a brick and mortar store with items for sale, we do not have one of every style of bag in every color available at all times. Or anywhere close to it. We might have your specific bag already made, but chances are we will have to make it specifically for you. Lucky you!

While it actually only takes anywhere between 30 minutes to three hours to make your bag (depending on the style), we thankfully have a lot of orders and therefore 13-15 weeks is the wait time, as we operate on a first come first serve basis. Some of it also depends on leather availability as our materials are occasionally backordered if they are in high demand.

We are working on growing our production so that hopefully it won't always take this long. We promise that we really do want to get you your new Satchel faster! Please be patient and know that you are about to get a really awesome bag made just for you, right here in America. High five for supporting local, hand made goods!

All turnaround times are estimates and are subject to change at any time.