Camp Nakanawa – Satchel.

A note from our owner

We are so excited to announce the The Camp Nakanawa Collection! Satchel founder and owner founder Elizabeth Seeger is also a Camp Nakanawa alumnae, Tent Row 2000. All campers, former and current, know the feeling of trying to hold on to the camp magic all year long. Now you can literally carry a piece of it with you, and be reminded of it each time you see the camp brand. Grateful for the indelible mark Nakanawa makes, we will be donating 20% of sales from this collection back to Camp Nakanawa.

All of our bags are handmade in Savannah, Georgia. If this is your first Satchel experience, learn more about our team and our story here. Each Camp Nakanawa item will be considered a custom order and will be made just for you. Orders placed before November 17th will be guaranteed for Christmas delivery. Orders placed after 11/17 are subject to our normal turnaround time of 6-9 weeks. While this may seem like a long time, just like anticipating camp every summer, this will also be worth the wait!

Thank you for your support of handmade leather goods and Camp Nakanawa

*Colors are subject to availability. If the color you choose is not available we will contact you with options.