Ink, Blue Jean Dye and Spills. – Satchel.
Ink, Blue Jean Dye and Spills.

Ink, Blue Jean Dye and Spills.


Unfortunately, ink does not come out, ever. And neither does blue jean dye. Since leather is a natural, porous product, it will absorb things. Rain and water should dry without any effect. If something else gets spilled on your bag, we recommend Weiman Leather Wipes. Test a small, inconspicuous spot first as discoloration may occur. A good rule of thumb is if it stains your clothes, it will stain leather too.

Notes on leather cleaner: we recommend Weiman's as that's the one we happen to be able to find in our area. There are others that are just as good. We do not promote or support one leather cleaner over another. Try them all, on a discreet spot on your bag first. Some discoloration may occur. Again, not the fault of the leather. Discoloration will occur with any moist product touching any porous material. 

We do not clean our own bags so we are far from experts on how to clean stains.  We recommend taking your bag to a professional cleaner if it is soiled but if you are more of a DIY-er the internet is a great place to start looking!

Here are some helpful links:

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As always we recommend testing an inconspicuous spot on the bag before applying anything to the whole bag.  

*These are recommendations from the internet and we cannot promise that they will or won't work.  Satchel is not responsible for any damage to bags from cleaning.