Satchel Love Rewards Program FAQ's – Satchel.

You've got questions, we've got answers

How do I get Rewards?

First you need to set up an account with us.

Now that you have an account every dollar you spend earns Hearts.

$1 = 1 Heart. You can also get hearts in other ways like referring a friend, activating and completing your profile, and more!

How long do the Hearts last?

Your hearts are valid for 1 year.

When are hearts added to my account?

Hearts are added to your account when you purchase an in stock item and it is fulfilled in our system (shipped or picked up) when a custom order is paid in full and fulfilled, or when you complete any bonus steps like sharing on social media or completing your profile!

I am trying to set up my account and it says I already have one, what do I do?

If you sign up and it says you already have a profile with us, just reset your password to activate your account.  This is because you have shopped with us in the past year and you may already have points!

I have made purchases in the past year and I do not see my points from the purchase, why?

Did you log in to your account at check out?  If not you won't get points for your order.  Make sure you log in!  If you are in the store give your email address the Satchelette or Satchelgent who is helping you at checkout so your hearts will be added to your account!  Did you use a gift card?  Unfortunately gift card purchases are not eligible.  If you think there may be a problem feel free to contact us and we will look into it!

How do I use my hearts?

You can redeem your hearts for a discount!  For every 250 hearts you get $25!  There are some limits to using your discounts.  Once you redeem your hearts it can't be undone. What that means is if you are close to the next tier of discount and you click redeem, we can't un-redeem and give your points back.  Unfortunately the system is structured in a way that it prevents returning redeemed hearts, so no take-backs!  Discounts are applied to merchandise only and cannot be applied to shipping.

Can I use my discount with other discounts?

Only one discount or promotion can be used at a time, so if we are having a sale, save your points and get more through the sale and get to the next tier faster! 

What doesn't give me hearts?

You only get hearts for dollars spent on merchandise once your order is fulfilled (shipped or picked up).  You don't get hearts when you pay tax, shipping, or use a gift card.  Checking out as a guest does not give you hearts. 

What happens if I return an item that I used my points on?

We understand that you might not love what you purchased, and while we offer store credit or exchange for that item points cannot be added back to an account once they have been used. So if you use your rewards on an item and then return it the points that were used are then forfeited. 

Any points that are earned on a purchase will be deducted from your total points balance if you return that item. 

Please note that if the balance of your points goes into the negative, your account will be flagged for review and may be subject to deactivation. Additionally, it's important to be aware that returning items after redeeming points can result in negative points being applied to your account

Can I give points away?

Discount codes cannot be transferred from one account to another.  Your points are yours, you can't try to share the love!


We greatly appreciate your understanding of our policies as we are a small company that hand makes every single item we sell. XO, The Satchelettes

What are the Levels

Our Levels have changed! We now have Rose, Silver, Gold, & Platinum.

Rose 250 hearts  = $25

Silver 500 hearts = $50

Gold 750 hearts = $75

Platinum 1000 hearts = $100