COVID-19 has placed new challenges on our company. We want to do everything we can to bring you the quality, handmade, leather goods you have grown to love, however we have some new limitations that include billing, shipping, and production. Pease read our COVID-19 FAQ page to see how we are adapting and how it impacts you.

Satchel Love Rewards Program FAQ's

How do I get Rewards?

$1 = 1 Heart. You can also get hearts in other ways like referring a friend, activating and completing your profile, and more!

How long do the Hearts last?

Your hearts are valid for 1 year.

When are hearts added to my account?

Hearts are added to your account when you purchase an in stock item, when a custom order is paid in full, or when you complete any bonus steps like sharing on social media or completing your profile!

I am trying to set up my account and it says I already have one, what do I do?

If you sign up and it says you already have a profile with us, just reset your password to activate your account.  This is because you have shopped with us in the past year and you may already have points!

I have made purchases in the past year and I do not see my points from the purchase, why?

We began to track the accounts with this platform last year and, just like everything else last year, coronavirus threw a wrench in the plan. Because we didn't finish setting up the program, there were some glitches, and all of the hearts were not added to accounts.  We are working hard to get every account updated with the accurate hearts but it is taking us some time because every account has to be manually updated by comparing the account with our records.  When your account has been updated you will receive an email with your new points!

How do I use my hearts?

You can redeem your hearts for a discount!  for every 250 hearts you get $5!  There are some limits to using your discounts.  Once you redeem your hearts it can't be undone. What that means is if you are close to the next tier of discount and you click redeem, we can't un-redeem and give your points back.  Unfortunately the system is structured in a way that it prevents returning redeemed hearts, so no take-backs!  

Can I use my discount with other discounts?

Only one discount or promotion can be used at a time, so if we are having a sale, save your points and get more through the sale and get to the next tier faster! 

What doesn't give me hearts?

You only get hearts for dollars spent on merchandise.  You don't get hearts when you pay tax, shipping, or use a gift card.


Don't love what you purchased?  We understand.  We can take the bag back for store credit, however, If you used a discount code to purchase it, we cannot reinstate the discount code.  Once it is used it is gone forever so make sure you really want to keep that bag!