COVID-19 has placed new challenges on our company. We want to do everything we can to bring you the quality, handmade, leather goods you have grown to love, however we have some new limitations that include billing, shipping, and production. Pease read our COVID-19 FAQ page to see how we are adapting and how it impacts you.


The world has changed, and we are changing with it.

COVID-19 has placed new challenges on our company, as it has on everyone. We want to do everything we can to bring you the quality, handmade, leather goods you have grown to love, even with the new obstacles of the pandemic.

The shelter-at-home and social distancing ordinances have had an effect on every aspect of how we do business. Our biggest challenge at this time is that we are working with a much smaller staff until shops can reopen. (We miss all of the Satchelettes who are staying at home to help flatten the curve, and they will all be back as soon as we can return to business in a healthy way.)

We also do not have access to all of our regular leather choices, so our current color offerings may be slightly different than what we had available before COVID-19.  

And we are offering different shipping options, including curbside pick up and limited local delivery, to get our products to you as quickly and efficiently as possible!

We can't wait for things to go back to normal, but in the meantime here are some of our frequently asked questions:

Custom Orders

Are we taking custom orders?

Short answer, yes, but there are limitations.  

As we mentioned above, our leather supply is limited so we are offering custom made products to you with some changes. When you order a custom piece now, it will be submitted as a request, not an order.  We will take your request and see whether or not we have the leather to complete your bag and contact you with a time frame.  If we do not have the leather and are unable to order it at this time, we will contact you and let you know what we have to offer as a replacement.  

What will be the time frame for custom orders?

Because we have a limited staff at this time our turn around time may vary greatly from our normal timeframe.  Once you place your order we will check for the leather availability and contact you with a reasonable time frame for your order to be completed.


How will my payment be processed?

We are doing our best to approve the orders as they come in, but this may take a couple of days.  You may see a preauthorization charge on your account. That is just your bank making sure the funds are available before we approve the order. Once we have verified whether or not your leather selection is either in stock with us or currently available via our vendors, we will approve your order. Approving your order means the charge will go through. If we need to contact you to choose another leather or to make a change to your order, the payment will not be processed until we finalize the order with you.

In-Stock Items

Is there a waiting period on *In Stock* orders?

There is no approval or waiting period on in stock items therefore there is no significant wait time.  We are only shipping on Tuesdays & Thursdays to limit our time in the shop while we are under a "shelter at home" ordinance in our state and we are not considered an essential business.


What are my shipping options?

Due to popular demand we have added new shipping options! Shipping is very expensive and we are doing our best to give an option other than UPS Ground. Wth our new USPS option there are some sacrifices such as loss of insurance and more compact packaging.  Ultimately the choice is up to you!

Standard shipping is a flat rate shipping option via USPS. It does not include extra insurance and is packaged in the most cost efficient box, which means your bag may be folded or packed more tightly than it would be otherwise.  Because this method only uses standard insurance, which doesn't always cover the total of the package, we can not take responsibility for loss or damage in transit.  This shipping method is best for smaller items such as cuffs, tassels, coasters and wallets. 

UPS Shipping includes insurance for the full price of the purchase.  This option is best for larger bags and more delicate materials such as python items.