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Ink, Blue Jean Dye and Spills.


Unfortunately, ink does not come out, ever. And neither does blue jean dye. Since leather is a natural, porous product, it will absorb things. Rain and water should dry without any effect. If something else gets spilled on your bag, we recommend Weiman Leather Wipes. Test a small, inconspicuous spot first as discoloration may occur. A good rule of thumb is if it stains your clothes, it will stain leather too. 

Notes on leather cleaner: we recommend Weiman's as that's the one we happen to be able to find in our area. There are others that are just as good. We do not promote or support one leather cleaner over another. Try them all, on a discreet spot on your bag first. Some discoloration may occur. Again, not the fault of the leather. Discoloration will occur with any moist product touching any porous material. 

We do not clean our own bags so we are far from experts on how to clean stains.  We recommend taking your bag to a professional cleaner if it is soiled but if you are more of a DIY-er the internet is a great place to start looking!

Here are some helpful links:

Cleaning Leather and faux leather handbags -

How To Clean a Leather Purse -

As always we recommend testing an inconspicuous spot on the bag before applying anything to the whole bag.  

*These are recommendations from the internet and we cannot promise that they will or won't work.  Satchel is not responsible for any damage to bags from cleaning.

My bag has scratches, is it damaged?

Leather is a natural product and will vary from hide to hide and even within a hide. Bags that have a seam in the center most likely will not be an exact match. This is not a flaw in the bag, it is just how leather works. We do our best to make the leathers match as close as possible but because of variance in each hide it is not always possible. 
This is a snippet from one of our suppliers FAQ's about distressed leather:

My bag has scratches, is it damaged?

No, this is a beautiful feature of natural leather and the markings will be unique to you. All products are lightly treated so the natural characteristics of the hide can be showcased. Since the sealant is breathable, the leather will patina over time and any scratches that occur will work themselves out. If you want to accelerate a scratch removal, you can either set the bag indirectly from a heat source to warm the wax in the finish. With a damp cloth, rub the scratch out.

Here are examples of natural marks and variations on hides. 

Help! My hair-on-hide bag is shedding. (What can I do about it?)

Just like you, and anything else with hair, it sheds (except for those 23 hypoallergenic breeds of dog). It’s just the natural part of using something with hair. We have contacted all of our leather companies that we buy our hair on hides from, and we have heard the same answer from all of them: “It’s a natural product, it’s going to shed.” Just like knitwear pilling, thinning and shedding may occur. The parts that get more use will show wear sooner, such as the side that rubs against your hip. Knitwear will cause this to happen sooner than other fabrics. The hairs also might get caught in your knits. This is simply a side effect of carrying a beautiful hair on hide bag. If this is a side effect that you are unhappy with, then hair on hide might not be the best choice for you. It is a delicate product, please handle with care.


What do the ** mean?

If the item you purchased has *asterisks* around it that just means it is an in stock item and will be pulled from the floor and shipped to you instead of waiting 13-15 weeks for your item to be custom made!  You can see all of these items in our*In Stock* Collection!

How can I shop what you have in stock?

The best way to shop what’s in stock is to come visit our flagship store in Savannah or our new shop in the Savannah Hilton Head International Airport. We also now offer items from our store in ourIn Stock Collectionon this very website!  Our stock constantly changes and we cannot guarantee that we will have a particular style in a specific color in stock at any given time. If you are looking for a specific style or color, let us know and we can “let you know” what we have in stock at that time, or something similar. However the only way just to peruse everything that is on the floor is to come visit us!

Do you only have gold hardware?

No, we also have silver, antique brass and solid brass hardware. We use gold hardware as our standard color because we prefer it with most of our leathers. If you would like a different finish, simply request it! 

We would like to note that hardware for every bag is not available in every finish but we will do what we can to accommodate your request if the hardware is available.  Zippers are only available in solid brass and limited silver options. 


How do I return my product?

While we are so sad to hear that you aren't in love with you new bag, we do have a few options for you.

If you have not used your bag yet, you may exchange it for another Satchel product or store credit to be used in the future towards anything we make and sell.

Please contact us right away (via phone or email) if you are not happy with your purchase so that we can send you a return authorization form and start getting to work on your real dream Satchel. And remember, honey catches more flies than vinegar.

Custom orders may be subject to a restocking fee. 

All turnaround times are estimates and are subject to change at any time.


What is Economy Shipping?

Economy shipping is a flat rate shipping option that does not include extra insurance and is packaged in the most cost efficient box which means your bag may be folded or packed more tightly than it would be otherwise.  Because this method only uses standard insurance, which doesn't always cover the total of the package, we can not take responsibility for loss or damage in transit.  This shipping method is limited to packages under 1 pound.

We have provided the Economy Shipping option due to popular demand for a less expensive option.  Shipping is very expensive and we are doing our best to give an option for smaller items, but with that option there are some sacrifices such as loss of insurance and more compact packaging.  

How does my bag get to me?

We wrap your bag in brown paper or a cloth dust cover before we package it up to protect it from damage in transit.  We do not use plastic to wrap your bag because it can and will damage the leather if it gets warm.  

We have a few shipping options, we now have expedited shipping!  We now have UPS Next Day Air & Second Day Air, And USPS Priority Express!  We have changed the standard shipping option to Economy.  In order to continue to be able to offer the Economy Shipping option at a low price we have to set a weight limit. Packages are limited to 1 lb in order to qualify for Economy shipping.  More information on our shipping options is available here!

Please note that UPS does not ship to PO Boxes, but the USPS will gladly deliver to them.

Whatever route your bag takes, know that we are super excited for you to receive it!


How can I check the status of my order?

We don’t actually make your bag until your quoted completion time. It’s not because we want to make you wait, it’s because we work on a first come first serve basis. Thankfully, we have lots of awesome customers (like you!) who keep us very busy! We cut and collect the materials for your order 10-14 business days before it’s ready. This way we can ensure that we have everything we need ready to go when it’s you bags turn to be sewn. Depending on the size and complexity of your item, it will take anywhere from 30min to 3 hours to make.

You can check your order status HERE!  Have your email address and order number ready!  If you don't know your order number sign in HERE.

Once your bag is completed we will send you an email letting you know we will be shipping out your order in 24 hours.  Please contact us if you need your package sent to another address or if you would like us to hold it until a specific date. We know that 13-15 weeks can sometimes feel like an eternity, but when we quote you 13-15 weeks, we really mean it. Inquiries about order status are always welcome and answered (please have the name and date for the order handy!) but please keep in mind they require more hours spent answering calls and emails rather than making your order. 

We promise we are just as excited to tell you your bag is ready as you are to receive it. 

All turnaround times are estimates and are subject to change at any time.

Why is the bag I just purchased going to take 13-15 weeks?

We are a small team and hand make all of our bags in house. While we do have a brick and mortar store with items for sale, we do not have one of every style of bag in every color available at all times. Or anywhere close to it. We might have your specific bag already made, but chances are we will have to make it specifically for you. Lucky you!

While it actually only takes anywhere between 30 minutes to three hours to make your bag (depending on the style), we thankfully have a lot of orders and therefore 13-15 weeks is the wait time, as we operate on a first come first serve basis. Some of it also depends on leather availability as our materials are occasionally backordered if they are in high demand.

We are working on growing our production so that hopefully it won't always take this long. We promise that we really do want to get you your new Satchel faster! Please be patient and know that you are about to get a really awesome bag made just for you, right here in America. High five for supporting local, hand made goods!

All turnaround times are estimates and are subject to change at any time.